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KKA GD + Pointer - Broader Capacity and Experience

Pointer provides end-to-end life insurance consulting covering insurance company establishtment, business planning development, insurance product development, reserve valuation, operational review, appraisal value and merger and acquisition.

In pension fund and employee benefit, Pointer perform actuarial calculation based on PSAK24 / IFRS19, pension fund establishment, Post-Employment Benefit design, DB/DC conversion, Post-Retirement Health Care design and insurance products' vendor selection.

PT Pointera Aktuarial Strategis holds Ministry of finance license since 23 November 2004 based on decree No. KEP-468/KM.5/2004.

KKA I Gde Eka Sarmaja, FSAI and PT Pointera Aktuarial Strategis merge to KKA I Gde Eka Sarmaja, FSAI dan Rekan and has received license number 5.20.0002 based on Ministry of Finance Decree No. 231/KM.1/2020 dated 19 May 2020.

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